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Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
and pay more for healthcare. >> in some cases doubled and in other cases tripled the percentage nurses would have to pay for their health insurance premium. >> the hospital is aufrg a 2% rate over two years. the nurses want 10%. they say their wages from 47 to $70 an hour are lower than nurses' pay at other bay area hospitals. >> it offends me. it's a shame that they are asking the nursing force, the force that drives this hospital to take reductions and sacrifice patient safety at the bedside. >> a hospital spokeswoman says patient care is not suffering during the strike. the hospital brought in about 150 replacement nurses from around the nation to cover 173 patients this morning. >> we made sure that we had enough nurses to take care of the number of patients that we both anticipate and are currently in the hospital. >> hospital negotiators say they're worried about the future health of the hospital. the affordable healthcare act will mean lower medicare reimbursements. >> all we can do is try to guess what the cuts may be or position ourselves to get ready for those cuts. >> the nu
Oct 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
for disease control is telling healthcare providers to stop products. >>> fresno county is reporting a second west nile fatality of the year. health officials have not identified the victim but say it is a woman who died last month. her family has requested no further de tails be released. fresno county reported a total of 16 human west nile cases this year. >>> well, it was a you tube sensation, a sky driving incident involving an 80-year-old woman caught on video. now that incident has led northern california sky diving professional slapped with a fine. last year attached to professional parachutes but look that video showed her leg flipping out of her harness. the faa now says as a professional being fined $2,200 for improperly fitting the harness and exiting the aircraft improperly. some say the incident is being blown out of proportion. >> the lady hearst said she was never forced out of the airplane and there was no way she could have flown out of the harness. >>> she says she doesn't blame anyone for the slipping. >>> the national hockey league cancelled the first two weeks which means
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2